Steepletone SGB747 Retro Ghetto Blaster Portable Audio Player with iPOD/iPAD Playback via Bluetooth

One of Steepletone’s high-quality audio equipment comes to market that you can carry anywhere you go to enjoy music. This new device is the awesome Steepletone SGB747 Retro Ghetto Blaster Portable Audio Player with iPod/iPad Playback via Bluetooth.

The portable audio player unit primarily lets you listen to the analogue MD-FM stereo channels. You can enjoy the crisp and clear music because of its telescopic rod aerial. You are guided by the dial light when controlling the audio device and be mesmerized as you gaze on the spectrum LED music power level indicator. Other radio functions are no-deal to operate like the electronic volume up-down push button control and the treble and bass rotary controls.

Experience the convenience of bringing the Steepletone SGB747 Retro Ghetto Blaster. It provides a holder for your iPod, mobile phone, and another external audio player. Listen to your kind of sound as you playback MP3 music stored in your USB, SD/MMC and Bluetooth. The unit provides a port and slot for each of them. If you are bringing the unit someplace else, it can be battery-operated using 8 x1.5V D-size/R20/UM-rechargeable batteries. Otherwise, you can plug the detachable cable to a 230V AC outlet. Portability is aided by the strong carry handle of the unit.

Explore further the other features of the Steepletone SGB747. The multifunction capability is very efficient. It can play all the music in the playlist, just a selected song, or a randomized selection.  Enjoy the surround sound coming from the powerful built-in speaker system with 150 PMPO and a 10W subwoofer. This is the same surround experience if you plug your head phone in the 3.5 diameter earphone jack.

Finding a space for display or storage for the Steepletone SGB747 Retro Ghetto Blaster is easy with its dimension of 300h (380 including handle) x 610w x 220d mm.

Purchase of this unit includes 1 year warranty. In case of replacement or repair, they have a free collection and delivery service. Order now and delivery is within 24 hours.

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