Steepletone SMC1033 PRO 6-in-1 Music System with CD & MP3 Recording

Steepletone SMC1033 6in1 Music System with CD MP3 Recording

If your search for a music system that can play your collection of vinyl records and cassette tapes yields no result, look no further because Steepletone SMC 1033 6-in-1 Music System with CD & MP3 Recording is here.

At a time when most manufacturers race to beat each other to give the world a music device with state-of-the-art features, the British company Steepletone faced up to the challenge to remain loyal in its vision to blend vintage and cutting-edge technology. For 35 long years, Steepletone has been around making high-quality audio equipment that has pleased avid fans of both classic and contemporary music players. True to its form, the Steepletone SMC 1033 6-in-1 Music System with CD & MP3 Recording comes loaded with features that will not disappoint fans of bygone music machine.

Both lovers of classic and modern music players will find delight in the fantastic product reminiscent of the olden music devices that ruled the ‘60s. The Steepletone SMC 1033 has a semi-automatic 3-speed turntable that operates with an auto stop switch, a cassette player with lockable fast forward function, and a built-in Mw-FM stereo analogue radio. Yet it is attuned with the times. The device has twin CD deck with single button recording featuring a track separation option to allow recording of albums from vinyl, cassette, CD, and aux-in to MP3 or CD.

Another useful feature is the front aux-in jack used for connecting an external audio player. There’s also the USB port and SD cards slot, both useful for encoding, recording, and playing back your MP3 selection in good quality audio. The device is equipped with an X-Bass Button to balance the sound for your listening pleasure. There’s even a subwoofer socket should you want to enhance the sound with a subwoofer unit.

Whether you choose a Steepletone SMC1033 6-in-1 Music System with CD & MP3 Recording  in black or silver finish, you’ll enjoy a one year warranty and free collection service for replacement or repair of defects within six months after purchase.

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