Steepletone SMC99R BT Transfer Vinyl To USB 4-In-1 Music Centre & Bluetooth

The British company Steepletone has been in the business of creating high quality audio equipment for 35 years now combining vintage and modern technology in every masterpiece delivered to the market.

Meet the Steepletone SMC99R BT Transfer Vinyl to USB Convert 4 in 1 Music Center with Bluetooth. This astonishing 4 in 1 music center is endowed with turntable record player, CD and MW/FM radio. It also enables Bluetooth music playback.

With the incredible Steepletone SMC99R, you can transfer music from your vinyl records and CDs straight to either the MP3 player, or SD card or USB flash drive. Additionally, the music center comes with a USB record function. There is the option also to let you clear your memory stick information from the unit itself instead of running back and forth to a computer.

Other convenient features of the Steepletone SMC99R record player includes a 3-speed record player with auto stop on/off switch, built-in SD socket and USB 2.0 port for MP3 player. It also has an SD card music file playback of up to 2-4 GB size and you can delete MP3 music file by remote control.

With this item you get an unfussy one button USB/SD/MP3 record function onto USB memory stick or SD card, and the option to separate audio tracks. The bit rate for recording can be set from the remote control to 32/64/96/128/192/256 kbps and you have an LCD backlit display to see what’s playing.

This 4-in-1 music centre has RCA line out jacks, separate speakers (2 x2W RMS output 10W PMPO), a subwoofer jack, a 3.5mm diameter headphone socket, and this is powered by 230v ac mains. The overall dimension of this item is 320W x 170 x 290 mm, with each of its speakers measuring approximately 190h x 115w x 135d mm.

The Steepletone SMC99R comes with 2 colors to choose from: Dark or Light Wood and Black. It is accorded with 1 year warranty. The box contains 1 x 3 Speed Record Player 1 x 1 Instruction Manual 1 x Guarantee Card. There’s no regret when you buy one.

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