Steepletone Record Players

The Steepletone CAPITOL is a modular Music Systems which allows you to play your favourite music in 6 different ways, including: CD, vinyl, cassette, radio, USB and AUX-IN, using just one device. 

In addition you can record music to CD, tape, USB or MP3, from vinyl, cassette, CD, Aux, USB and MP3. Use the twin CD drawers or cassette deck and one button CD recording including track separation technology. 

The CAPITOL features a 3-speed turntable with a flip-over stylus, auto-stop switch and a lidded cover to keep your vinyl’s clean. You can also enjoy listening to music with the 3.5mm dia. socket, which you can use for a subwoofer to enhance your sound quality. 

The music system has a cool-blue LED back light LCD display, with twin 15w stereo speakers and remote control. Finished in a contemporary black with silver front design or in a wood effect. So why not order yours today.

Steepletone CAPITOL Music Centre

Steepletone Chicago Music Centre (Silver)

The Steepletone Chicago Music Centre is available in a choice of black or silver fascia. This music centre will really get your creative juices flowing. You can record your favourite music from vinyl, radio, CD and tape to tape. Which is becoming back in vogue, after an increase in demand for personal cassette tapes over personalised playlists.

The Steepletone Chicago features track separation technology for MP3 recording from CD, vinyl and cassette. You can also listen to your favourite music in 6 different ways, such as vinyl, CD, DAB radio, cassette, Bluetooth, USB and SD card for MP3 playback.

The music systems has a 3-speed pro-deck turntable, subwoofer and headphone jacks. Plus an auto-stop switch with flip-over stylus. This music centre comes with separate twin stereo speakers so you can enjoy fantastic audio sound. 

The Steepletone Memphis 3 is a 5-in-1 music centre which will also allow you to record music to MP3 from CD, DAB radio and cassette. Listen to your favourite music via DAB radio, CD, cassette, vinyl and MP3. The new Memphis 3 will also allow you to stream your favourite music via Bluetooth playback.

Other key features for this music centre include the separate stereo speakers, with 2x2W RMS output – 10W PMPO. The Steepeletone Memphis 3 has a 3–speed Pro–Deck style Turntable (33/45/78rpm) with pitch control, strobe illumination, flip–over stylus. 

This music centre is aesthetically pleasing thanks to the modern–retro vibe it exudes and would make a fantastic addition to your home or office. You’ll also be blown away by its sound.

Steepletone Memphis Music Centre (Black)

With today’s technology, you can even transfer your old LP’s on to a CD or MP3 format where they can be easily and safely stored and ready for instant playback anytime you like on your Steepletone Jukebox or CD Player. We make listening to your favourite music easier than ever; relive those glory days now and order today.

With our Steepletone SMC386 BT PRO 5- in-1 Music System with Bluetooth, you can transfer all of your old LP’s right to a compact disc or MP3 format without the need for complicated software or even a computer connection. You can transfer any type of music quickly and easily without any technical experience.

Steepletone is a British company with over 35 years of experience creating audio equipment for the discerning enthusiast. Our attention to detail and customer oriented service standards have made our collection of Steepletone Jukeboxes, record players and CD players the most sought after in the industry.



Relive the glory days of rock and roll with a Steepletone Record Player. Our advanced technology record players enable you to play your old LP’s and hear the music the way it was meant to be. Standard, old record players can’t compete with a Steepletone Record Player for its crisp sound reproduction, clarity and quality.

Why risk damaging your LP’s with an old record player that might be in poor shape or have less than adequate sound quality? A faulty, low quality record player can actually create irreparable damage to your valuable record collection. Don’t take that chance; buy your next record player today from a company that has over 35 years of experience building high quality sound systems for people who truly love their music.

As a perfect complement to your new Steepletone Record Player, add one of our CD Players/Burners or one of our renowned Steepletone classic Jukeboxes. These will make a nice addition to any home or office as you surround yourself with high-quality audio playback that provides concert hall sound quality that you have to hear to believe.

Steepletone Brixton

The Steepletone Brixton is a modern high quality turntable. If you’re vinyl mad this is the turntable for you. This premium turntable has a unique red drive belt and tonearm weight, which stands out from the crowd.

You can enjoy listening to your favourite vinyl records with the high quality record deck. Or enjoy modern music via the built in Bluetooth transmitter and stream music from your phone, tablet or device. You can also sync Bluetooth speakers to the record player, to enjoy music wherever you want. We’d recommend using the Steepletone Freedom Bluetooth speakers for fantastic audio. You can sync 4 speakers throughout the house to enjoy listening to music all day long.

In addition, the Steepletone Brixton features a 3-speed 33/45/78 rpm turntable, with flip over stylus, Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge and stylus. You can also enjoy listening to music with the 3.5mm headphone socket.

Finished in a contemporary black wooden finish and a perspex lidded cover to keep your vinyls clean.

Bring back the sound of the 60s and 70s with this “Dansttee” retro style 3 speed record player. Listen to all of your old vinyl records, including 33, 45 and even 78’s.

A key feature of the Steepletone SRP1R-XP record player is the detachable wooden legs, which allow you the freedom to use this record player anywhere in your home. Detatch the legs and use the record player on a table top, or just transport the record player from room to room.

The Steepletone SRP1R-XP comes in a choice of orange or blue and cream vinyl leather look. It is equipped with a semi-automatic tone arm, which returns to its resting place once your record has finished.

Although this looks like a sleek retro style record player, there are some modern technology features built-in too, such as Bluetooth Playback, FM radio and AUX connection. With 2 x 20 W P.M.P.O built-in speakers create a crystal clear and full sound.

So if you looking for a retro record player with a modern spin then look no further than our SRP1R-XP. 

Steepletone SRP1R XP BLUE

Steepletone SRP1R–XP Record Player (Blue & Cream)

Listen to the classics the way they were intended on our superb range of record players. Many of us have collections of records and cassette tapes, but nowhere to play them or easily to convert to a modern digital format. Old record players, if they have been used over many years, can actually damage records, so it is important, if you wish to keep your collection in good order, to use a record player that is both high quality, and in full working order (especially the stylus!). Why not transfer your old LP’s on to the MP3 format or CD using one of the Steepletone Jukeboxes & CD Players

You don’t even need to connect to your PC and run complicated software to do it,  you just put in a recordable CD and transfer the music directly onto the CD. You can then either play back the recorded music using the CD, or even transfer the files to your PC (for storage, transfer to MP3 Player etc) if you wish.

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