Steepletone CAPITOL 6-in-1 Modular Music System with Twin CD & Cassette – CD/MP3 Recording

Steepletone CAPITOL

The Steepletone CAPITOL allow you to play your favourite music in 6 different ways. You can also record music to CD or USB MP3, from vinyl, cassette, CD, Aux, USB and MP3. Use the twin CD drawers and one button CD recording including track separation technology. Or record your own mixtapes, using the twin cassette deck, now coming back into fashion. You’ll also love the equalizer button to increase both low frequencies (bass) and high.

The music system includes a cool-blue LED backlight LCD display, with twin 15w stereo speakers and remote control. In addition, the Steepletone CAPITOL features a 3-speed turntable with a flip-over stylus, auto-stop switch and a lidded cover to keep your vinyls clean. You can also enjoy listening to music with the 3.5m headphone socket.  Finished in a contemporary black with silver front design. Available with a 1-year warranty and free delivery.

TEL: 0843 523 5453
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