Steepletone DUO Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Pairing Headphones, Set of Two

Steepletone DUO Headphones

Enjoy music or films together wirelessly, with these Bluetooth Steepletone DUO Headphones. A perfect gift for a friend or significant other. The Steepletone DUO operates within a range of 10 meters in an open area and can connect via cables, Bluetooth or MP3 playback, to FM Radio, mobile phone, iPods, TV, Hi-Fi systems, DVD, VCR and CD players, for two wireless headphones. The Steepletone DUO is therefore perfect for sharing, both at home or on the move such as on holiday or on the aeroplane.

You can listen for up to 6 hours before they need charging again, an amazing battery life! So when you need to charge the headphones, they will alert you themselves with smarty, low charge LED indicators, which are also active when charging. Total charge time will take approximately 3 hours to be fully charged again, so ensure you put these on to charge at night before you go to sleep, ready to use in the morning again. You can charge these headphones via USB cable. A micro USB-to-USB charging cable is supplied, but a USB charger plug is not included.

The Steepletone Duo has incredible sound clarity and quality, control your music and volume from the side of the headphones. And you can even take calls hands-free, with the built-in mic. Fold up the headphones to take them easily wherever you want to go. The headphones have adjustable fit, for maximum comfort, and come with comfort-cushioned soft ear cups made for everyday use.

Available with 1-year guarantee.

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