Steepletone GROOVE - Personal CD Player With Built-In Stereo Speaker & Bluetooth

Steepletone GROOVE

The Steepletone GROOVE is an ultra-compact portable personal CD player, with a built-in stereo speaker you can use to stream music to via Bluetooth or enjoy your favourite CDs. Load your CDs into the top and use the track programme button to shuffle music, repeat a track or all tracks. In addition, the CD player features an LCD display screen, with easy rotate volume controls and a slide switch for either Bluetooth transmission or built-in stereo speakers.

The CD player has a 30-second auto shock feature. Powered by batteries, you can easily take this CD player with you to enjoy on the move, or for private listening. Furthermore the Steepletone Groove comes with insert headphones, so you can enjoy listening to music wherever you are. Available with a 1-year guarantee.




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