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The Steepletone Magna Sound is a unique Bluetooth speaker which combines a fusion of technology, art, and design, immersing you in a world of sight and sound. Featuring an interactive black magnetic fluid which moves and dances in perfect harmony to your songs, bringing them to life before your eyes with an awe-inspiring visual symphony.

The Steepletone Magna Sound delivers stunning sound and visuals in every beat and every drop, becomes a work of art you can see and feel. As a stunning accompaniment, the modern white backlighting adds depth and allure to this audio masterpiece.

You can easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled device and stream your favourite songs, playlists, and podcasts in impeccable audio quality. The Magna Sound also supports MP3 playback and AUX 3.5mm jack plug connection. With intuitive touch controls for effortless management of volume, track selection, and light modes.

The Magna Sound’s standout features is its wireless charging capability for smartphones, which makes it the ideal for any room in your home, ensuring that your music and charging needs are met in style and convenience.

Available in both light grey and dark grey to order today.

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The Steepletone SMC386 BT PRO 2 plays music in 5 different ways, with recordable functions and Bluetooth playback, with a black fascia.

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