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Revitalize your mornings and infuse entertainment with the Steepletone Rise & Play: The Ultimate Bedside Digital Alarm Clock & Bluetooth Speaker. This versatile marvel from Steepletone is poised to redefine your morning routine and elevate your downtime. Choose from vibrant Yellow, Orange, and Purple hues for this compact, sleek, and modern design that flawlessly blends functionality with style.
Featuring three distinctive alarm modes, Steepletone Rise & Play ensures a timely wake-up every day, allowing you to select the perfect option for your morning rhythm, instilling confidence for a punctual start. Effortlessly toggle between 24 or 12-hour time formats with the adjustable digital LED clock face. Tailor your bedroom’s ambiance by adjusting the Steepletone Rise & Play’s brightness across three levels, accommodating your preference for a gentle glow or a crisp display, creating a soothing, personalized atmosphere.
Stay organized with appointment tracking and remain informed about your indoor environment using the optional date and room temperature display, offering unparalleled convenience for your bustling lifestyle.
In addition to its functional prowess, the Steepletone Rise & Play doubles as your personal DJ. Easily connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to immerse yourself in your favourite tunes or radio stations, experiencing music in a new light and letting the world’s melodies awaken your senses.
Beyond its functionality, the Steepletone Rise & Play stands out with its incredible aesthetics. The compact, sleek, and modern design seamlessly integrates into your bedroom decor, capturing attention with contemporary elegance while delivering an array of features for your everyday convenience.
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The Steepletone SMC386 BT PRO 2 plays music in 5 different ways, with recordable functions and Bluetooth playback, with a black fascia.

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