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Steepletone is not resting on its laurels. A British company is known for making high-quality audio equipment for the last 35 years, Steepletone is now up and about with a new product offer – the Steepletone SMC386 BT PRO 2 5-IN-1 Music System with Bluetooth.

A must-have for diehard music lovers, the Steepletone BT SMC386 does not only boast of its USB Recordable 5-IN-1 Music Center with Bluetooth connection and playback function. It also takes pride in its five main features that make other devices look pale in comparison. The unique system has a 3-speed turntable that makes it possible to play classic vinyl records and bring the golden hits of the ’60s into the present. There are two continuous play cassette decks to accommodate your collection of cassette tapes. More than ever, you can listen to retro music and still keep up with next-generation sound in the device’s full-function CD player. Now, it’s no longer a problem to play MP3 and WMA files in the vintage-style system because the device is equipped with SD/MMC socket and USB 2.0 port. On top of all these is a tuner with an LCD backlit display that allows you to switch into AM/FM stations without any difficulties.

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One of the most interesting features of the BT SMC386 is its single-button MP3 recording tool. It allows recording from vinyl, cassette, radio, and CD to a cassette in either deck. You can record and play back your music list in another level of pleasure thanks to the X-Bass button that commands awesome audio quality delivered by the device’s twin 2W RMS output & 10W p.m.p.o. speakers.

The music system has a dimension of 290 x 320 x 290 mm (HWD) and is available in black or silver finish. A real beauty to own, the Steepletone BT SMC386 comes with a one year warranty. The unit is repaired or replaced at absolutely no charge if a fault arises within the first six months of purchase, a reliable after-sale service provided by the company responsible for introducing quality music machines. 

Finally, you can enhance the overall sound quality for this music system, especially the bass sounds by connecting a subwoofer T–012 to the system. Or keep your vinyls clean and in perfect working condition with the Steepletone SBSK8 Record Cleaning Kit

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The Steepletone SMC386 BT PRO 2 plays music in 5 different ways, with recordable functions and Bluetooth playback, with a black fascia.

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