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Not everyone has a good collection of LP records, and if you are one of the lucky few who do, you will be extremely interested in putting them in a safe case. One of the best investments you can make to protect your collection is to get a Steepletone SRB 2 12 Inch LP Vinyl Retro Style Record Storage Carry Case.

This case is a practical, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient way to make sure all your LP records are easy to retrieve and to check. Your whole collection will be securely ensconced in a vinyl covered case with chrome effect trim to reinforce its edges and corners. Each case safely stores 50 records in its sleeves, and allows you easy access to any record within because it is made with a hinged lid fastened by 2 supporting clasps.

In terms of appearance, the Steepletone SRB LP Retro Style Record Storage Carry Case is as retro as the treasures you will store in it. Available in black orange and red, this case will remind you of vintage hard suitcases popular during the 1040s. You certainly won’t have any qualms displaying this carrier right next to your sound system.

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If you have been storing vinyl records in boxes or shelves, you will be glad to know your makeshift storage days have come to an end. This Steepletone item will store 45’s, 33’s and 78 vinyl records very efficiently. Now you can keep your collection intact in one beautiful case, or conveniently bring them with you wherever you wish.

If you are thinking that such a pretty case is just for show, rest assured it is not. Steepletone, its manufacturer, is a British company that been making high-quality audio equipment for 35 years. Knowing just how reliable its product is, the company attaches a 1 year warranty to its SRB LP Retro Style Record Storage Carry Case. The warranty includes the stipulation that should any fault occur within six months of purchase, Steepletone will pay for whatever freight costs are incurred for replacement or repairs.

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The Steepletone SMC386 BT PRO 2 plays music in 5 different ways, with recordable functions and Bluetooth playback, with a black fascia.

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