Steepletone Magna Sound Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charger

Prepare to be mesmerised by an unparalleled sensory experience. Magna Sound goes beyond the realm of a typical Bluetooth speaker; it takes you on an enthralling voyage that heightens the enchantment of your music.

At its center, the display features a dynamic black magnetic substance that gracefully dances and responds to the music, resulting in a captivating visual spectacle that unfolds right before you.

Every beat and drop is transformed into a palpable masterpiece, appealing to both your visual and tactile senses.

The white backlighting elevates the modern elegance and allure of this audio masterpiece.

Through the use of Bluetooth connectivity, Steepletone Magna Sound seamlessly pairs with any smartphone or tablet, granting you the freedom to enjoy your desired music, playlists, and podcasts with remarkable sound quality.

Elevate your fabric finish to a luxurious level with Magna Sound. This multipurpose solution effortlessly enhances both light and dark grey color options, seamlessly blending with your decor to bring a contemporary flair to any room.

Indulge in flawless audio by simply inserting a USB stick and playing your hand-picked music collection in MP3 format. Customise your listening experience to suit your preferences perfectly.

The AUX 3.5mm jackplug is an ideal option for those who prefer using wired connections with their traditional devices. Magna Sound is always ready to cater to your needs in these scenarios.

Experience full control over your music and visual experience with our intuitive touch controls. Effortlessly manage volume, track selection, and light modes with just a few simple touches. Enjoy complete command over your auditory and visual pleasure without any inconvenience.

With Magna Sound’s wireless charging feature, you can elevate any room with music and power, all while maintaining style and convenience.

With Magna Sound, you can expect more than just a standard audio experience. By combining technology, art, and design, we take you on a journey of immersive sights and sounds.