Steepletone Soho Luxury Turntable with Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Introducing the Steepletone Soho – a game-changing blend of cutting-edge features and eye-catching design. Beyond a simple turntable, it is a daring declaration for modern audio aficionados.

At its heart, the Soho features a unique acrylic design that provides a stunning glimpse into the inner workings of your turntable.

Accompanied by complementary wireless speakers, the Soho presents a seamless and polished audio setup that elevates any room. Featuring a range of capabilities, the Soho guarantees an exceptional listening experience. Its versatility allows for smooth playback of records at both 33 and 45 RPM speeds.

With its sharp, true-to-life audio quality and a belt-driven system that ensures consistent and smooth playback, the Audio Technia AT-3600L Cartridge is an essential for all music enthusiasts.

With the Soho, you can enjoy tangle-free listening with its two wireless speakers. These speakers offer a range of up to 10 meters, allowing for optimal sound distribution without the hassle of cords.

The counterweight tone arm ensures precise tracking and minimal distortion to preserve the integrity of your vinyl recordings. However, the Soho goes beyond exceptional performance with its stylish and distinctive design, setting it apart from typical turntables and making it a standout addition to any room.

The Steepletone Soho offers a unique and captivating listening experience that is sure to leave an impression on both veteran audiophiles and occasional listeners alike. Enhance your sound setup with this stylish vinyl player and reignite your passion for music.